Kalemişi Dergisi
Cilt 8, Sayı 17  Kış 2020  (ISSN: 2148-046X, E-ISSN: )
Müzeyyen AYGÜN

NO Makale Adı

Kütahya, which is a historical city, the city that has been the cradle of civilizations and the sanjak of the prince, is also the city of zeybeks. Kütahya, which is accepted as the cradle of Anatolian civilizations; has rich accumulation. It has a history dating back to the Phrygians. Embroidered clothes have a special place among these cultural values of Kütahya. Historical zeybek clothes and accessories are among our rich cultural heritage. These cultural heritages should be researched, interpreted among today's art products and passed on to future generations. The aim of the study is to reveal the symbolic meanings, composition and form features of Kellepoş's fabric, embroidery, color, ornament, motif, motifs, which have an important place in Kütahya Zeybek clothing, and to contribute to the transfer of these features to future generations. In this context, Kellepoşlar, which is one of the head accessories of zeybek clothing, was investigated and recorded. None of the examples under review were published or exhibited. Therefore it is important for research. In the research, a source search was made about Kellepoş, which is the head accessories of Kütahya zeybek clothing. Photographs were taken and drawings were digitally drawn by field research. Color, ornament, motif, composition and form characteristics of ten Kellepoş were determined with the observation form. The universe of the study is composed of Kütahya and the sample is composed of ten Kellepoş, which are one of the head accessories of zeybek clothing in Kütahya. According to the findings, it was seen that geometric and symbolic motifs were used in the decorations of the Kellepoş. Straight needles made of free-style needles, which are made with embroidery technique in the decoration of the headbands; engraving needle and machine stitch, from loop needle; chain needle and flat filling techniques were observed. The canvas-cross stitch technique, which is one of the cross needle group, is also used in embroidery. It was observed that the engraving needle and zigzag shirring, which are decorations made with the sewing technique, were applied to fit the upper parts of the headbands to the head. It has been determined that single-color, two-color and multi-color systems are used in embroidery. Beaded or crochet stitches or hand-stitched machine stitches were observed to clean and decorate the ends of the headbands. Recommendations have been developed based on the results obtained in the research.

Keywords: Kütahya, Zeybek dress, kellepoş